growing up on a farm in the NC Mountains, i learned at a young age to be handy, when machines broke down you fixed them, when you needed a tool you made it or you modified something to work.  building and tinkering is in my soul, from a small child i would spend hours working on my motorcycle, building things from Lego blocks,  building gliders from balsa wood, and hacking up left over wood for tree houses.  i never had a toy i did not take apart at some point, some even went back together...

in high school i had a Porsche 914, (i know, don't laugh) the inside part of the door latch broke,  the part could not be found, so i asked my uncle what to do. i remember one night as a little kid, swapping heads or something on his old ford truck, it felt like all night, we did it 4 times before getting it just right! he was my hero and my mentor he taught me to ride motorcycles, taught me patience, and taught me respect for machines and that each one had its own idiosyncrasy.  so when i asked him what to do, he handed me a file and a piece of metal, and said “make one”. i remember thinking i will never be able to do that! compound curves odd shapes holes that needed to be exactly in the right place. well he was right, not only did i make it (took 3 days) but it worked!  that was maybe the most valuable lesson he ever taught me, that if you set your mind to it you can make just about anything you need! 

the precision of watch making took a deep hold. i started in timepieces by modifying existing watches to be mine, hours on a bench with a set of files,  getting just the right curve or chine on the lip. then came the lathe, then the mill, and before i knew it i had a fully equipped machine shop!  i love it, i love going to work every morning taking a hunk of steel and transforming it into a beautiful functional piece of art. the best part of it all is receiving an email or text from a customer who is just beaming with excitement over his new piece, it makes all the effort and hard work worth it!